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1 M'start

The M'START has leading edge technology which includes a programmable CPU, variable speed drives and power transducers working in coordination under the control of software specially designed for this model and capable of guaranteeing a gentle but effective wash.

With M'start principles is: simplicity in design and ease of assembly giving a no frills machine but with the looks, durability and technological features expected of a 21st century wash machine.

To meet the demand for a rollover which is simple yet capable of offering high quality wash programs, the M'START includes a wide range of optional extras such as side high pressure, high shine foamy wax or high pressure disk wheelwash. M'START is designed for facilities with the capacity to wash up to 160 vehicles per day and is the perfect machine for those wishing to start off in the vehicle wash business in the most profitable way.




2. M'NEX

The new generation of M'NEX Rollovers is outstanding in so many ways and all of them important for our customers because it has a virtue which makes it different: its adaptability.

The systems of this range have been designed and developed to cover each and every need, and have infinite optional items to create the perfect machine.

The interior immediately appeals with its stylish modern desing, which combies the latest tegnology and maximum reliability in the wash.

The most brillant generation has arrived.

The M'NEX22 model combines the highest quality wash with an innovative and attractive new design.

A rollover with great possibilities thanks to the modular philosophy of its design.

This unique feature means a long list of optional extras can be added to the standard M'NEX22 to make it the most complete and reliable of machines.

Configuration of up to 15 different programs with complete flexibility and adaptable to the specific needs of each customer.

A silent, gentle yet effective wash, designed to pamper the vehicle. Perfect control of the presure applied by the three brushes makes this possible.



3 Wash Tunnels

Advanced command posts, precision metering systems, powerful turbofans. Our wash tunnels incorporate the most up-to-date technology in the sector, coordinated with great precision, to guarantee top performance.

Our wash tunnels are designed for places that demand high productivity.

True to the principle of versatility in its widest sense, there are up to 13 configurations, all varying in sizes and characteristics, and able to meet the most demanding of production needs, whatever the scale, thanks to differing conveyor lengths, which range from 12.5 m. right up to 32 m.

Depending on the length chosen, throughput goes from 50 cars/hour to 100 cars/hour.



4 Rollovers for Commercials

To preserve the image and quality of a company's service, its fleet of vehicle needs to be impeccable at all times. With this idea in mind, we have created a complete range of solutions to put an end to the age-old problem of washing trucks and buses manually.

The commercials model offers maximum versatility with 4 different heights to adapt to the specific needs of the retail location or private fleet: vans, trucks, trailers, buses, coaches and special vehicles such as tankers or public services vehicles.

This model can also be fitted with all the brush materials of our link. It is possible to choose between different options which have been developed to improve the wash result: lateral and top high pressure, chemical pre-wash, different types of waxes, foams and underchassis

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5 Jet wash

Dalee proudly presents delivers , a new generation of the most advanced jet washes on the market. A new concept in jet washes designed to satisfy customers and maximise your profits and now also based on the fun aspect of vehicle care.

For those that prefer to wash manually, Dalee has created the high pressure jet wash range Pack. Although a basic range it has all the features necessary to offer a quality wash. There are three programmes: water and shampoo wash, cold water rinse and superwax.

Active foam with brush or super rinse can also be included as a fourth and fifth programme.

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