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  • Ability to be printed in full color
  • Match both card printer, personal data and picture so that the card may immediately contain the right identity
  • Dalee cash register uses a type of card that includes: RFID, magnetic and barcode/QR code etc.

card 29-01-2012

Cash Reloaders automates:

Dalee uses the reloader terminals to allow customer to load money into his card and to check the balance

Types of reloader terminals Dalee use:

  • The QV-25 for the notes upgrade and
  • The QV-24 USP which besides cash charge upgrade many additional features such as displaying presentations etc.
  • The QV-24 USP cash reloader terminala is very user friendly and easy to install. High-quality materials makes the terminal robust and sustainable.
  • The cash reloader terminal are carried in vandal-resistant steel and have a sturdy lock and burglar-resistant to vandalism, and the security is reinforced

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