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Dalee is a European company managed by an executive team who have worked together in card industry for many
years. Our purpose is to bring the marketplace a better way to deliver effective payment solutions using a
smart card services. We've grown into a leader in our marketplace by staying committed to the principles of
transformative technology, open standards, operational excellence, and, above all, customer delight. We're a
close-knit, singularly focused team deeply committed to the success of the clients and card programs we support

We help organisations to achieve their business in an efficient and effective ways by saving their costs.
We additionally provide hardware and software and develop Payment & Registration Solutions that helps
organisations to take control of their day-to-day business management by utilising the Dalee range of solutions.
We work with many leading companies within the payment and printing industry and end-users like large
educational institutes, hospitals, super market to help them identify their objectives and payment solutions while
managing their document workflow.

Website: Zegenrijk